Minutes for August 17, 2017, Regular Meeting of the Northlake Public Library District Board of Trustees

AUGUST 17, 2017


The regular meeting of August 17, 2017, of the Northlake Public Library District Board of Trustees was called to order by President Wason at 6:33 p.m.. Present were Board members: Biddle, Carver, Wason, Tews, Gutierrez. Absent Board members: Werba, Glowinski. Also present were: Sharon L. Highler, Library Director; Laura Bartnik, Head of Adult Services; Stephanie Carlile, Head of Circulation; Christie Chaidez, Technical Services Clerk.

The Board approved the agenda on a motion by Biddle with a second by Gutierrez.

AYES: All.

Minutes of the Regular Board Meeting of June 15, 2017 were approved on a motion by Tews with a second by Carver.

AYES:  All.

The Library Fund Profit and Loss Report of June 30, 2017 and July 31, 2017, was accepted on a motion by Biddle with a second by Gutierrez. Roll Call Vote:

AYES:  Tews, Carver, Biddle, Gutierrez, Wason.
NAYS:  None.
ABSENT:  Werba, Glowinski.

The Bills Paid/Payable Reports for June – August, 2017, were accepted on a motion by Biddle with a second by Gutierrez. Roll call vote:

AYES:  Tews, Carver, Biddle, Gutierrez, Wason.
NAYS:  None.
ABSENT:  Werba, Glowinski..

Bills paid, June – August, 2017: $72,458.08.
Bills payable, August 17, 2017: $21,803.91.

Highler reported that we had a minor problem with the front door closing all the way. This has been fixed.
HVAC only had to be called once when we thought we were having a repeat of the 2015 coil failure. Fortunately it was not and the unit on the roof was repaired. The cleaning service caught the drips and alerted us and saved our upstairs computers by covering them and placing trash cans under the drips.
Scheduled plumbing maintenance was started earlier in the week. All of the inside work was completed without incident. A problem was discovered with the pump on the water heater and will need to be repaired, which will solve the water temperature problems on the lower level. The routing of the drains was not completed. Their equipment broke and they had to retrieve the snake portion through the access outside. We have major root growth within the system that will need jet-routing. I am awaiting pricing for both services.
The financial audit will begin in September. Financials have been switched to the online version of QuickBooks. This will allow for easier access when needed between Annette and Kelly.
Kid’s Café Program has ended. The major problem this year involved delivery. The summer started well but food was coming later and later each day. Many families left early, so our numbers were affected. More importantly, kids were not fed. Towards the end, deliveries were coming just before we served the meal.
The Library’s 60th Birthday Celebration was a success. Patrons enjoyed the photo exhibits which featured the library’s beginnings and growth. The ice-cream social was greatly appreciated and we will probably do this again.
We have added a new display area by the elevators. The fall newsletter is in the final revision. The Marketing Committee is beginning work on a marketing plan. The library info brochure is being updated.
In an effort to remain relevant, we are always watching library trends. There are two we are about to implement. First, our passport service is back on track. Our paperwork was delayed but is back on track now. We hope to start offering the service to our patrons by mid-fall. Second, we are hoping to expand our non-traditional collections. We are planning to offer baking pans (all donated) and cake decorating utensils and are looking at other options, such as tools. This will provide patrons with an opportunity to use items they need once in a while or to try projects and equipment before they make an investment of their own money.
The Stone Park Back to School even t is this weekend and we will have staff present, as well as at the Stone Park rodeo that is just around the corner.
Our previously mentioned resignations have started. Natassia Schulz, Circ. Clerk, and Tomas Uriostegui, Adult Services Associate, have moved on to full-time positions. Danny Nunez, Circ. Clerk, Armando Amigon, Page, and Mayra Gaona, Youth Services Associate, will be leaving so that they can pursue higher education opportunities. Gary Krasche, Circ. Clerk, will be retiring and moving from the area. We wish them all the best of luck in the future and will miss them all.
Laura Bartnik, Assistant Director/Head of Adult Services, has returned from maternity leave.
Rebecca Heraty will be joining the Adult Services department in the Associate position next week.
The current vacancies have resulted in the need for a revision of all job descriptions becoming a priority. The Personnel policy in its entirety is undergoing a similar process.
The TIF meeting was held this past Monday. Not many government bodies attended and only finance questions could be answered since no attorney was present. Laura and I were still just as confused about their process when we left. They do plan to end the Home Depot TIF this year so the upcoming levy will be our only opportunity to capture that growth.
Legal Calender was updated with dates for meetings and other legal obligations and given to trustees.
A thank you card fro,m the staff was presented to the Board to express gratitude for the annual salary increase.

The Board accepted the librarians’ reports for August 2017, with their thanks.

For the President’s report, Wason reported that the Northlake Baseball parade went very well. Glowinski had donated the candy and Carver supplied the truck. She stated that they had a lot of fun.

Highler reminded Trustees that some still need to complete the Required State FOIA Training.

Highler provided the Trustees with Board Orientation Handouts.

Review and adoption of Policy Revisions to the Personnel Policy and Board Regulations were both tabled until a future meeting.

Stephanie Carlile, Head of Circulation, gave a presentation to the Board explaining the many responsibilities and services Circulation is responsible for.

Audit of the Secretary’s Minutes was scheduled for that evening after the meeting, to be conducted by Wason and Carver, on a motion by Biddle with a second by Gutierrez.

AYES: All.

A handout was given to the Board listing Per Capita Grant Requirements as well as a Trustee Facts File.

Approval of the State Annual Report (IPLAR), FY 2016-17, was on a motion by Gutierrez with a second by Carver.

AYES: All.

Adoption of the Tentative Budget Projections of the Northlake Public Library District for the Fiscal Year beginning July 1, 2017 and ending June 30, 2018, was on a motion by Biddle with a second by Gutierrez. Roll Call Vote:

AYES:  Tews, Carver, Biddle, Gutierrez, Wason.
NAYS:  None.
ABSENT:  Werba, Glowinski.

Date for Budget and Appropriations Public Hearing was set for September 21st at 6:00 p.m. on a motion by Carver with a second by Gutierrez.

AYES: All.

Decision to table approval of Updated Job Descriptions until September meeting was on a motion by Biddle with a second by Gutierrez .

AYES: All.

Decision to table approval of Library Mission Statement until September meeting was on a motion by Carver with a second by Biddle.

AYES: All.

Executive Session was not needed.

No members of the public were present.

The next regular Board meeting is scheduled for September 21, 2017.

Having moved through the agenda, the meeting was adjourned at 8:49 p.m., by President Wason.

Elizabeth Biddle, Secretary





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