Minutes for January 19, 2017, Regular Meeting of the Northlake Public Library District Board of Trustees

JANUARY 19, 2017


The regular meeting of January 19, 2017, of the Northlake Public Library District Board of Trustees was called to order at 6:39 p.m. by Secretary Elizabeth Biddle. Present were Board members: Biddle, Wason, Gutierrez.  Absent Board members:  Herrera, Glowinski, Sampson, Rivera. Also present were: Sharon L. Highler, Library Director; and Christie Chaidez, Technical Services Clerk.

The Board agreed to review the agenda items until the arrival of President Rivera, when they would enter their motions.

Highler reviewed a question from the Board on the Bills Paid report. The $500,000 amount in question was actually a transfer from one bank to another, and not a bill, but had to been shown on the report. The amount is not reflected in the actual bills paid amount.

Highler reported that work has begun on the next newsletter and programs are being set up for the Spring.
Our annual holiday cookie bar for patrons was a huge success.
Our HVAC system has been performing better, but there are still problems being worked out. Temperatures were becoming overly warm in the library and they found that one of the expansion tanks on one of the domestic water heaters was bad and needed to be replaced.
General maintenance has been going very well. Low hanging branches along the sidewalk were trimmed in late fall. Stripes were painted in the loading area but will need a touch-up due to snow removal. Juan has been able to change several faucets and is working on the lower level water fountain. Bulbs are changed as needed but our broken ballasts may require an electrical company. It has been three years since any of the ballasts have been changed.
Roof maintenance has been completed with the discovery of no major problems. We probably have 4 1/2 – 5 years of life left on the roof before replacement will be an issue. We have the same amount or slightly less time before major parking lot repairs will be needed.
The annual LIMRiCC meeting was held. All eligible staff were able to choose insurance options that worked for them in December.
The LIRA semi-annual meeting was attended by Gigi. Work was completed on our “Crime Policy” application, which covers internal staff situations.
All staff was officially notified of their current personal time off at our staff in-service.
Mary Jane Garrett’s vacation came to an end, which made her an official retiree as of November 2, 2016.
Miguel Salgado, Page, was released from his position on 11/21/2016.
Ann Santori, Adult Services Associate, resigned her position in December for a job with more hours. We all wish her well.
Tomas Uriostegui was hired to replace Ann and began working on 1/17/2017.
The safety committee attended a workshop in preparation for our staff in-service day. The speaker talked about homelessness. In fact, he was so good that it was decided to have him do his presentation for our entire staff. Everyone who attended came away with many valuable lessons.
A tax rate objection was received and is being handled by the attorney. We average one to three per year. These have the impact of decreasing the amount of tax revenue that the library is able to collect. Amounts that are successfully contested are repaid to the County by coming off the top of any payment we are due.
Highler provided a copy of the legal calendar to all members of the Board and reminded them that obligatory items for the next few meeting dates have been noted.

At 7:20 p.m., President Rivera arrived. Secretary Biddle continued running the meeting on the request of President Rivera.

The Board approved the agenda on a motion by Rivera with a second by Wason.

AYES: All.

Minutes of the Board meeting of October 20, 2016 were approved on a motion by Wason with a second by Rivera.

AYES:  All.

The Library Fund Profit and Loss Report of October 31, 2016, November 30, 2016 and December 31, 2016 were accepted on a motion by Wason with a second by Gutierrez. Roll Call Vote:

AYES:  Gutierrez, Rivera, Wason, Biddle.
NAYS:  None.
ABSENT:  Glowinski, Herrera, Sampson.

The Bills Paid/Payable Reports for January 19, 2017, were accepted on a motion by Wason with a second by Gutierrez. Roll call vote:

AYES:  Gutierrez, Rivera, Wason, Biddle.
NAYS:  None.
ABSENT:  Glowinski, Herrera, Sampson.

Bills paid, November, 2016 to January, 2017, 2016: $752,922.79.
Bills payable, January 19, 2017: $24,667.26.

The Board accepted the librarians’ reports for October, 2016 – January, 2017, with their thanks.

President Rivera addressed the Board at what will be his last meeting, as he has resigned his position and is moving. He wanted to express what a great experience serving on the Board has been for him, that he loves our library and the staff and will miss them and that it was also an honor to work with his fellow Trustees. He said he was proud of the time he spent on the Board and was emotional about leaving. Biddle, Wason and Gutierrez all expressed their thanks to him and told him he would be missed greatly. Highler thanked him on behalf of the staff for his hard work and for always standing behind the staff. Biddle presented him with a plaque of recognition for his service.

Highler reported on Staff In-Service day, January 13, 2017. The speaker from the safety committee’s presentation about the homeless came in to address all of the staff. A scavenger hunt was done to find all of the fire boxes and extinguishers in the building and in-service was concluded with a game of “Whose Job Is It Anyway?”. Since we were unable to include any first-aid training for in-service, it was decided to hold additional trainings in the spring, possibly including use of fire extinguishers, basic first-aid, blood-borne pathogens and AED training.

Reviewing and adopting of the personnel and social media policies has been tabled for a future meeting.

The Per Capita Grant Application-2017 was discussed. Highler explained that the grant would be used for materials, software and hardware. The Board accepted the Per Capita Grant Application-2017 on a motion by Rivera with a second by Wason.

AYES: All.

The Financial Audit for the Fiscal Year Ending June 30, 2016 was discussed and accepted with a motion by Rivera and a second by Wason.

AYES: All.

Highler provided a copy of the Annual Library Certification for FY 2017 to the Board for review.

Highler discussed NIMEC, an organization that seeks electric pricing for groups of organizations. We have always been a member and receive better electricity pricing. However, there is a one-day turn around on the bids the day they come out, so Highler asked the Board to provide her with the authority to accept the contract when it comes through. The Board authorized the Director to accept the annual NIMEC contract to provide electricity pricing on a motion by Wason with a second by Gutierrez.

AYES: All.

Highler briefly discussed the upcoming Trustee elections. Four candidates will be running for the Board, three will be elected. The earliest they can be seated would be May 15, 2017, so they would be sworn in at the May 18th Board meeting. They must be sworn in by June 17, 2017.

Executive Session was not needed.

No members of the public were present.

The next regular Board meeting is scheduled for February 16, 2017.

The Board voted to adjourn the meeting at 7:45 p.m., on a motion by Wason with a second by Gutierrez.

AYES: All.

Elizabeth Biddle, Secretary





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