Minutes for March 16, 2017, Regular Meeting of the Northlake Public Library District Board of Trustees

MARCH 16, 2017


The regular meeting of March 16, 2017, of the Northlake Public Library District Board of Trustees was called to order at 6:35 p.m. by President Wason. Present were Board members: Wason, Glowinski, Biddle, Gutierrez.  Absent Board members:  Herrera,  Sampson. Also present were: Sharon L. Highler, Library Director; Christie Chaidez, Technical Services Clerk; and NIU student Adriana Balvaneda, who was there as part of the public to observe for a school assignment.

The Board approved the agenda on a motion by Biddle with a second by Glowinski.

AYES: All.

Minutes of the Regular Board Meeting of February 16, 2017 were approved on a motion by Glowinski with a second by Biddle.

AYES:  All.

The Library Fund Profit and Loss Report of February 28, 2017, was accepted on a motion by Glowinski with a second by Gutierrez. Roll Call Vote:

AYES:  Biddle, Glowinski, Gutierrez, Wason.
NAYS:  None.
ABSENT:  Herrera, Sampson.

The Bills Paid/Payable Reports for February – March, 2017, were accepted on a motion by Glowinski with a second by Biddle. Roll call vote:

AYES:  Biddle, Glowinski, Gutierrez, Wason.
NAYS:  None.
ABSENT:  Herrera, Sampson.

Bills paid, February – March, 2017: $19,028.52.
Bills payable, March 16, 2017: $12,630.13.

Highler reported that fire alarm inspections have been completed by three different companies. We want to find one company that will do everything…alarms, extinguishers, etc. Our contract only covers inspections but not replacements or temporary equipment, so Highler is shopping around for a better place to use.
We had an instance of credit card fraud with our US Bank account and Amazon. Two small purchases were made, both under $40.00, before it was caught and the account was closed. They were using a library account tied to our Head of Adult Services name and having the items billed here but shipped to a different location. Fraud paperwork was filled out and the cards are closed.
We received our new refrigerator from the Friends of the Library. We need people to join the Friends. Their rummage sale is coming up soon.
National Library Week is approaching and aside from bookmarks to hand out, we will offer an amnesty week where replacement cards will be free of charge instead of $1.00 each.
We have had some more issues with a problem patron who claims to work here and treats us like her employees. She has even made herself a badge. She was also “fixing” the public printer by removing the paper and Highler instructed staff that she is not to touch the equipment and must be asked to leave if she does not comply. This raises safety issues.
At the SWAN Quarterly the budget was accepted so there will be one more year of reduced payment. There are about 20 more libraries joining the consortium.
We should be approved as a Passport Acceptance Agency within the next 2 months.

The Board accepted the librarians’ reports for February – March 2017, with their thanks.

There were no reports from the President or Vice-President.

The new special Leave Requests part of the Personnel Policy was adopted on a motion by Biddle with a second by Gutierrez.

AYES: All.

The new Confidentiality policy  was adopted as a Policy Revision to the Personnel Policy: on a motion by Glowinski with a second by Biddle.

AYES: All.

The NIMEC pricing contract for electricity has been signed. It went up slightly, but is locked in for the next three years.

Flex Spending Dependent Care Information was tabled until a future meeting.

Highler provided the Board members with copies of a statement from the Institute of Museum and Library Services regarding the President’s proposed FY 18 budget.

Executive Session was not needed.

The next regular Board meeting is scheduled for April 20, 2017.

Having moved through the agenda, the meeting was adjourned at 7:29 p.m., by President Wason.

Elizabeth Biddle, Secretary





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