Minutes for May 18, 2017, Regular Meeting of the Northlake Public Library District Board of Trustees

MAY 18, 2017


The regular meeting of May 18, 2017, of the Northlake Public Library District Board of Trustees was called to order by President Pro-Tem Wason at 6:40 p.m.. Present were Board members: Wason, Glowinski, Biddle, Carver, Tews, Werba. Absent Board members: Gutierrez. Also present were: Sharon L. Highler, Library Director; Marianne Ryzcek, Head of Youth Services; Stephanie Carlile, Head of Circulation; Raleigh Ocampo, Outreach Librarian, Marion Olea, Teen Librarian;  Christie Chaidez, Technical Services Clerk; and members of the public Mark Werba and Joe Rogelede.

The Board approved the agenda with the change of bringing points 1-4 of New Business  to the start of the meeting, on a motion by Glowinski with a second by Biddle.

AYES: All.

Secretary Pro-Tem Biddle did the swearing in of new Trustees Carver, Tews, and Werba.

Outgoing Trustee Jesus Herrera and Former Vice-President Diane Sampson, who were not in attendance, were recognized and thanked for their service.

New Board Officers were next elected.

Glowinski made a motion to nominate Wason as President. Second by Biddle.

AYES: All.

Wason made a motion to nominate Glowinski as Vice-President. Second by Biddle.

AYES: All.

Glowinski made a motion to nominate Biddle as Secretary. Second by Wason.

AYES: All.

Wason made a motion to nominate Gutierrez for Treasurer. Second by Biddle.

AYES: All.

Introductions were made by staff members to let the new Board members know who they are and a little about the departments they work in. New and old Board members also introduced themselves to everyone.

Minutes of the Regular Board Meeting of April 20, 2017 were approved, pending the correction of the spelling of Werba’s name, on a motion by Glowinski with a second by Biddle.

AYES:  All.

The Library Fund Profit and Loss Report of April 30, 2017, was accepted on a motion by Glowinski with a second by Biddle. Roll Call Vote:

AYES:  Biddle, Glowinski, Carver, Tews, Werba, Wason.
NAYS:  None.
ABSENT:  Gutierrez.

The Bills Paid/Payable Reports for April – May, 2017, were accepted on a motion by Biddle with a second by Glowinski. Roll call vote:

AYES:  Biddle, Glowinski, Carver, Tews, Werba, Wason.
NAYS:  None.
ABSENT:  Gutierrez.

Bills paid, April – May, 2017: $14,642.12.
Bills payable, May 18, 2017: $91,749.67.

Highler reported that both toilet flush units in the lower level ladies restroom are being replaced. One had been vandalized.
We once again had a minor bug infestation. The exterminator was called and applied treatment to the affected areas and furniture. Additional protocols are being discussed and implemented.
We will be walking in the Stone Park Memorial Day Parade on May 29th and passing out candy.
Valeria Rodriguez was hired in our last page position. She started on May 8th.
All staff are being asked to complete a technology skills assessment. The results will be used to develop training expectations for those in need, in accordance with State Library guidelines.
We recently had a report of a stolen bike. Police were called and when they appeared, they had the bike with them. Since the bike was returned, no charges were made against the young suspect.
In a partnership with the schools, our children’s department will be filling in for the normal summer reading programs offered at the schools. This is a potential 1000% increase in the number of students we normally see. To offset some of our unexpected costs, the department is soliciting donations within the community. Most promised money has been received.
Six staff members, Highler included, completed the required training at the Food Depository for our Summer Kid’s Café Lunch Program. Cold lunches will be provided to any child under the age of 18 from Monday through Friday, between 12 p.m. and 1 p.m. in June and July. Staff and volunteers will distribute the food.
The Friends had another fundraiser, this time at Portillos on May 11th. They raised almost $100.00.
Highler asked the Trustees to be advocates for the library and contact their Members of Congress to ask for their continued support of federal funding for libraries, which is in jeopardy under the new administration.

The Board accepted the librarians’ reports for April – May 2017, with their thanks.

For the President’s report, Wason asked if NPLD can participate in the Northlake baseball parade on June 25th, in correlation with Northlake Days. Highler replied that if we are asked, yes we can. Parade starts at noon with an 11:30 line up on Palmer Ave.

Reviewing and adopting of Personnel Policy revisions is tabled until a future meeting.

All Trustees were given a copy of The Board of Library Trustees of the Northlake Public Library District, Northlake, IL – Regulations to review.

All Trustees were asked to review the Current Library Trustees contact list and make any necessary changes.

Trustees were given a hand-out of the required State FOIA Trustee Training. This must be completed in 90 days.

The Board was given a copy of the Board Meeting Schedule for FY-2017-18. After discussion and review, the Meeting Schedule was approved on a motion by Biddle with a second by Glowinski.

AYES: All.

A copy of the Library Legal Calendar was provided to all Trustees.

Following a discussion regarding appointing FY 2017-18 Check Signers, a motion was made by Glowinski for the delegation of signers to remain with the same titles as before of President, Secretary, Treasurer and Director. Second by Carver. Roll Call Vote:

AYES:  Biddle, Glowinski, Carver, Tews, Werba, Wason.
NAYS:  None.
ABSENT:  Gutierrez.

Executive Session was not needed.

No comments from members of the public.

The next regular Board meeting is scheduled for June 15, 2017.

Having moved through the agenda, the meeting was adjourned at 7:57 p.m., by President Wason.

Elizabeth Biddle, Secretary





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